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John Kolbert is a web developer with extensive experience in web design and WordPress. Drawing on his education in computer science and years of experience in building websites through WordPress, John shares tips with regular web users to help them create stunning websites from scratch. On this website, you will find a lot of information about WordPress with a special focus on plug-ins. If you want your WordPress site to shine and be completely unique, plug-ins will be the key for your success.

Whether you are an experienced web designer looking for the newest plug-in developments or you are completely new to WordPress and need to know how to customize your basic theme, this site is for you. Let John Kolbert guide you through your next WordPress website design from start to finish. You will learn which templates are best and which plug-ins will help you get customized options and instant search engine optimization.

Dealing With WordPress Plug-ins


I have been involved in the online marketing business for almost 7 years. It all started out as a small job that I was trying to use to make some extra money for Christmas. I wanted to feel like I was contributing and so I started righting freelance articles for people. After a little time I was able to parlay that gig into a full time job that is now paying me in excess of 60 grand every single year. And while the job is ok and the pay is better than fair, I am always dealing with some of the dumbest things. Just this week I was forced to deal with a few things that made me lose my mind for a while. It all started with WordPress and the plug-ins that they demand I use. I always use wordpress for all of my blog type writing and this is the go to unit for many people.

However I must admit that some of the things wordpress is asking me to do are crazy. I do not have the time to sit back and install hundreds of plug-in items. I have a lot to do in a given day and the time I have allocated for the job is not enough to deal with dumb issues. I really wish that the creators over at wordpress would learn how to use the product. It would save us many hours of pain and misery. I sometimes feel that the leaders in these areas are just coming up with new ways to make us buy new items. Just create the thing right the first time and do not continually force me to buy new items. I get so sick of that.

WordPress Plugins to Boost Search Engine Ranking


There are several reasons why WordPress is the most popular choice of website functions for both professional and personal websites. One of those reasons is because WordPress has been set up in way that makes it easy for users to generate SEO friendly content. There are several WordPress plugins that you can use to help boost your blog’s search engine ranking.

Yoast SEO

This is the WordPress plugin that most of the people who are new to either SEO or Worpress choose to use. Yoast SEO is a easy to understand and easy to use. The plugin uses a variety of things, including testing, to determine how effective your content will be before you post it. Based on the results you can tweak things until you’re confident the post will meet Google’s approval. In addition to making sure yo have the correct amount of keywords in your content, Yoast SEO will also help you clean up broken and irrelevant links.

Google XML Sitemaps

You want to attract webcrawlers to your page, and Google XML Sitemaps is the WordPress plugin that will let you do it. The plug in is designed to help Google properly index the relevance of your newly posted content or blog post. The larger your website, the more useful you will find Google XML Sitemaps.

SEO Friendly Images

Adding photos to your website or WordPress blog appeals to the people who find your blog, but they can make the job of boosting your SEO a real headache. SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress plugin that will help. The plugin is designed to handle the labeling of all the images you post to your WordPress site, and it will also make sure the labels include some of the keywords you’ve used in your content.

Using one or all of these plugins will increase your website traffic.

I’ve Got a New Blog Thanks to WordPress


There have been many times that I have gone online to check out blogs that I love to follow just to see if there are any new posts. I thought about starting my own blog many times over, but was not really sure that I would be any good at doing a blog. I mean, I know that others have thoughts that are interesting enough to put online for their followers to read, but I didn’t really know what I would write. I sent a few messages to the owners of the blogs to see if they could give me any pointers and they were very helpful.

One of the first things that they told me to do was to check out WordPress to see what I needed to do to start my own blog. Another thing I needed to figure out was what I would focus on in blog postings. I have it narrowed down to a few different things. I think that I might just keep the posts pretty open so that I can talk about whatever I feel like that day and not worry about going off topic.

I still worry about what others will think about what I have to say, but I have decided that it shouldn’t really matter what others think. The point of having a blog is to express how I am feeling about one thing or another or to help other realize that they are not the only ones that feel a certain way. As long as I have something to say and people are reading my blog, I will keep posting. I really hope that every once in a while I will post something that helps others and if someone does have a problem with what I post, then they can feel free to comment.

Ideas For MsPrepper to Take Things to the Next Level


When it comes to building and maintaining a current website I am the guy you need to know. I have made a living form the Internet and I have also made a solid name for myself in the web design business. That is why I am interested in helping the fine people of MsPrepper. I came across this site a few months back and I have been taking the time to read all of the information that the site offers. At first glance the site might seem corny or maybe even a little vague. But the truth is much different. I have found the information to be spot on accurate and the writers are very clever. But I would like to encourage the site owners to think about a few new advances they could make and a few changes they could place on the site. MsPrepper needs a few more wordpress plug-ins. Here are the suggestions I think you need to listen to very carefully.

The first wordpress plug-in you need to add is a site counter. Sure, you have the ability to learn about the number of unique visitors your site is receiving at all times. But the thing you need to understand is that the world likes this information as well. MsPrepper might be the best site in the world but how would the audience know this. Adding this small little plug-in would allow the world to see just how many people are coming to your site and reading your information. Please MsPrepper, please consider adding this little plug-in. wordpress plug-ins are not hard to come by and they are even easier to add. Make the change.

I would also suggest that MsPrepper needs to add a wordpress plug-in for social media involvement. The world we live in is all about social media. If you are not involved with twitter and Facebook or even Reddit, then you are missing the chance to interact with millions of potential readers. The more traffic you have the better off your site will be. But you need to be aware that your site will become very scrutinized. So take the time to do the site well and make sure your information is spot on accurate. MsPrepper does not seem to have an issue with honesty so I doubt that will ever be a problem.

Overall I would argue that MsPrepper is the best survivalist site I have come across. They speak clearly and honestly and they are not always trying to sell me an item. Instead they are simply sharing the information that we all need to make sure that we can survive the zombie apocalypse. For that I am thankful.

How to Use WordPress Plug-In’s When You Are a Rookie Designer


I have never even taken a basic computer class, but I work full time by using the Internet as my primary tool. There are many ways that you can learn how to build websites and by using free platforms like WordPress, you can easily put together a website about any topic imaginable. WordPress is a great choice for both rookie web developers and experienced techies because you can fully customize your experience. Plug-in’s give you the ability to take a simple site and maximize its potential in the blink of an eye.

There are several must-have plug-in’s to help you get started. One of the first things you should look for is a stat tracker plug-in. These simple codes will track how many people visit your website, which pages they view, and how long they stay. If you want to learn more about the people that you are reaching and your target audience, this is a great place to start. If you notice that you have more traffic to posts on specific topics, then this will give you a clue that you should pursue those sorts of posts more frequently in the future.

You should also look for plug-in’s that help with search engine optimization. You want your website to be easily found by people when they do a search for related terms on Google or Yahoo. By using SEO plug-in’s, it helps insure that your website is customized to rank higher in the search results so you can get the information on your site to interested consumers without any extra effort on your part.

Tips For Creating Word Press Websites


Word Press is now used for much more than blogging. It is now widely used as a content management system. In this article we will go over a few tips for creating our own Word press website. Be sure when you create your word press website that you think about ways to make it fast. When others come to your site they are looking for crisp clear direction and they want it to come to them quickly. In this day and time everyone wants things to happen yesterday so make sure to make your site fast so that you can deliver what the public wants. Users do not want your word press website to be slow.

Before installing a plug in to your website be sure that it is one that is actually required. There are so many plug ins that sometimes it can become a bit overwhelming and you may be adding plug ins that are not even needed. You should install a plug in only if it is totally necessary because many of the issues with websites are due to plug ins.

Make sure to not have too many images on your webpage. This can affect the speed of your website and as we already mentioned folks don’t want a slow website. They want to see what it is you have to show them but they don’t want to have to wait forever for the page to upload. Trust me, they WILL move on to another webpage if yours is not fast enough for them. Be sure to choose a theme for your website that will attract the right audience. Keep it simple but interesting.

Explore The Best Word Press Plug Ins of 2014


Blogging can be fun but if you are not using Word Press Plug Ins then you are missing out. I would like to share with you in this blog post today some of the best Word Press Plug Ins on the market.

The All In One SEO pack is great because it adds a search engine box at the bottom of your post writing area where you can include text to help search engines be able to find your blog so that more people will visit it. This is a wonderful plug in that allows you to get the most visibility online. We all know that getting ourselves out there is the best way to sell what we have to offer and to make our business work.

Another great Word Press Plug In is called Jetpack. The best thing about Jetpack is that it has social media sharing capabilities. Jetpack allows you to share your blog on all your social media accounts at once instead of having to do them one at a time. This is going to save you a lot of time and energy. We all know that time is hard to come by so if you can find ways to save time in this world then you should do it. Time is money.

If keeping up with how many visitors you get on your blog site then you may be interested in StatPress. The StatPress plug in is great at managing statistics about blog visits. Once you activated the StatPress plug in it automatically starts to keep track of how many people visit your site. It also helps you to know what your visitors are most interested in.

Starting My Own WordPress Blog

A few years back one of my good friends started a blog about her life and what it was like to work full time and take care of triplets. I have no idea how she had time to do any of it let alone keep up with the blog and still be sane at the end of the day, but she said that writing posts on her blog was a great way for her to relieve some of the stress of her daily life. Apparently she had and still has lots of followers so there must be a lot of other women, or parents, dealing with the same type of issues that she had to face being a working parent.

I spent a lot of time reading her blog and while I think it is well written, there isn’t a lot of information that I can relate to as far as work because I am a stay at home mom. Of course, when she has mommy moments I giggle and hope that those kinds of things never happen to me or remember when they did happen to me.

After reading her blog for months, I finally realized that I might have some interesting insights on being a stay at home that other mothers might find helpful or at the very least entertaining. Every single day I learn something new from my children even if it is that I must remember to keep the bathroom door shut when I pee or something equally delightful. I also think that a blog would be a great way to record and keep the memories of my experiences with the kids since they won’t stay so small and cute forever!

Reasons To Choose WordPress

When it comes to online marketing there are many different approaches that could be taken. There are many different thing s that you need to understand in this realm and there are many different things that you need to be aware of. So here is a question that needs to be answered. What are the appropriate reasons for using wordpress? First, in case you are not aware, WordPress is an online website that allows the user to build a website. So why would you want to do this and what are the advantages of doing this? First, WordPress is a great way to start an online business. Regardless of the business type, WordPress will have the site building tools that you need to make the most amazing website. Every online business depends on a top notch website and this is the place to find it.

Why else should you choose wordpress? First, wordpress not only offers amazing design tools but they offer the best quality control assistance in the industry. With hundreds of people waiting to help you and to answer your questions, there is nothing that they cannot assist you with. Second, wordpress is a great way to highlight a new product or service. Not only can wordpress be used to build a website, wordpress can also be used to build a one page blog that highlights a new product or service that you are offering. When it comes to online marketing and sales there is no substitute for having a stellar website. WordPress is the best place to begin your search. It is also the last name that you will need to know.