MammothApps WordPress Development Studio Has Launched

My adventure as a freelance WordPress developer continues with MammothApps. Need a custom plugin, or theme? How about a security report or SEO consulting? Bring it on.

I am very excited to announce the official launch of MammothApps, a development studio specializing in advanced web applications and large-scale plugins built on the WordPress content management system (CMS). The former “John Kolbert WordPress Consulting” has lost its self-indulgent name and split to a completely separate entity. All of my development focus will now be over at MammothApps.

What is MammothApps? From the about page:

“MammothApps is a WordPress development studio owned and operated by John Kolbert. Based out of Minneapolis, MN, MammothApps’ typical clients are looking for medium to large scale custom plugins or websites that require advanced functionality (such as e-commerce, or social networking). However, MammothApps offers a wide range of WordPress-related services.”

Why, you may ask?

Put simply: growth. I’ve been blessed to be much busier then I expected with client projects. So much so, in fact, that I haven’t updated this website in four entire months. With MammothApps, I’m branching out. I’m officially declaring: I mean business. I’ve networked with several other talented developers who will be providing support and skills on larger scale projects overseen by MammothApps. We’ll be focusing primarily on larger scale (maybe even, mammoth?), custom plugins and applications, all built on WordPress. All of my WordPress-related developing will occur through the MammothApps studio. will become entirely my personal blog. All references to my former freelance consulting services have been removed or redirected to the MammothApps homepage.

I’ll hope you join me over at MammothApps. In addition to client work, we’ll be publishing a series of  advanced WordPress tutorials, called MammothTips each month, as well as releasing some pretty awesome WordPress based web applications (details forthcoming).

Mark M. Thompkins

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